5 Benefits Of Cork Flooring: Why Choose Amorim Wise?

5 Benefits Of Cork Flooring: Why Choose Amorim Wise?

Dec 13, 2021 | Amorim cork flooring, News | 0 comments

Cork flooring is one of the most eco-friendly choices for your home. It’s also hard to beat in terms of durability and affordability. Our partner Amorim Wise has been installing cork floors since 1992 and knows what it takes to get you the best result! If you’re not sure if cork is right for you, read on for five benefits that might convince you.

  1. Cork is sustainable

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly solution to any home remodelling project. One of its many advantages for the environment is that it leaves trees unharmed. To explain why that is the case, let’s go back one step and answer the question: What is cork flooring? Cork flooring is a flooring alternative sourced from the bark of cork oak trees. During this process, the trees are not permanently damaged, as the bark grows back after a couple of years. 

But that’s not all, cork is also a 100% natural, recyclable and reusable material with a negative carbon balance during its production process. 

Did you know? According to a recent study by EY, the Amorim Wise Inspire 700 flooring solutions have a negative carbon balance, when the carbon sequestration of the cork oak forest is taken into consideration. The study revealed that Amorim Wise solutions enable carbon sequestration of up to -101kg of CO2/m2

  1. Cork is comfortable

Who doesn’t know the uncomfortable feeling of stepping onto cold bathroom tiles after taking a nice warm shower? Cork flooring puts an end to this problem as it provides excellent insulation for both hot and cold temperatures. During winter months it will keep the heat thanks to its cellular nature and during summer it will keep your space nice and cool. It is suitable even for bathrooms as it is water-resistant and non-slip. 

  1. Cork flooring is more affordable than other alternatives 

Cork flooring can be installed over a wide array of different subfloors, including wood, cement slabs, and tile. That means that the costly job of ripping up old tile or hardwood flooring can be easily avoided, thus making it cheaper than many of its alternatives. 

  1. Cork absorbs sound better than any other type of flooring solution 

Did you know that cork flooring is soundproof? The cork structure allows it to absorb sound, making it an ideal flooring choice for homes with thin walls, or large rooms where echoes can be distracting. Whether you own a yoga studio, fitness studio or office – cork flooring adds an air of relaxation and calmness to your space. 

  1. Cork is aesthetically versatile

Whether you prefer a classic design or the look of real wood – cork flooring creates a unique atmosphere in any room. Although the traditional cork floor looks appealing in its natural state, it mightn’t be suitable for every environment. But that isn’t where cork flooring ends: As the market leader in cork-based flooring, Amorim Wise inspires with an inexhaustible and versatile array of cork-based product lines. 

Are you looking for a floor that easily goes with any kind of furniture and every colour? The Cork Pure Signature line offers a perfect solution. 

Or you might be loving the look of concrete floors for your home, but hate the thought of stepping onto a cold floor when barefoot? Cork stone effect tiles offer the perfect solution as they allow you to enjoy the aesthetic modern, industrial design with all the warmth of cork flooring. 

For your living room, you might prefer a cosy, country-style look of a real wooden floor. The Wood Inspire range by Amorim Wise offers an ideal solution to your needs by providing a wood look that values the environment as it is based on the sustainability of cork. 

Amorim Wise cork flooring 

Amorim Wise offers high-quality cork flooring with many benefits that will keep your home comfortable and stylish year-round. As the market leader in the cork-based floor and wall coverings sector, Amorim Cork Flooring’s mission is to develop innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions using cork as its main raw material. Contact us today to learn more about Amorim Wise cork flooring and to talk through the best options available for your project.