5 benefits of Marmoleum flooring – Why choose Forbo flooring systems?

5 benefits of Marmoleum flooring – Why choose Forbo flooring systems?

Feb 11, 2022 | linoleum, marmoleum, News | 0 comments

When it comes to replacing the flooring in your home or office space, Marmoleum is one of the most sustainable flooring choices, combining natural character with stunning floor designs. Although it is technically a type of linoleum, it is made from 100% natural materials. In this blog, we take a closer look at Marmoleum flooring and its benefits. 

#1: Natural by nature

Marmoleum is a natural flooring renowned for durability, sustainability, high quality and innovative design. It’s created out of 97% natural raw materials, with no use of synthetic materials like PVC / plastic or polyolefin. The main ingredients of Marmoleum flooring include linseed oil, flaxseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, Jute and Limestone, which are all naturally biodegradable. This makes it different from many other vinyl flooring options and a great sustainable flooring choice for every indoor environment. 

Even in its production, Forbo Marmoleum flooring is completely Co2 neutral. Being produced in a modern, efficient environment, run on green electricity, the production emits zero Co2 from cradle to cradle. 

Did you know? Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia’s biodiversity – not as an offset program though but rather as regeneration, since Marmoleum is already CO2 neutral from cradle to gate.

#2: Endless opportunities

Whether you are looking for a flooring option for your office building, the healthcare environment, your shop floor, or your private home – Marmoleum is the type of versatile flooring option that works well in any setting. 

With over 150 different colours, it allows you to design your space, according to your own preferences. Get creative and express yourself in your own, unique way – from calm grey tones to vibrant and lively colours, your opportunities are endless. 

Marmoleum offers various different ranges, including Marbled, Solid and Linear. 


The Marbled range blends both striking and subtle marble effects inspired by the colour palette of Mother Nature.


The solid range provides the perfect foundation for creating modern spaces that are both pure and distinctive, by blending contemporary styling with naturally elegant backdrops. 


Offering a warm, natural colour palette, this is an exciting range of linear designs that bring floor finishes to life. 

On top of that Marmoleum’s new Modular collection offers you sustainable tiles in various sizes and designs that you can use to mix and match, delivering beautiful and exciting flooring patterns. 

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#3: Comfortable and easy to clean

If you love the look of concrete flooring in your home, but hate stepping on hard cold tiles, you should consider switching to Marmoleum. It comes with the same natural and beautiful look, but with the benefit of warm and comfortable ground under your feet, that looks and feels great.

Made from natural ingredients, Marmoleum offers the advantage of being a hygienic, natural bacteriostatic flooring solution that is perfect especially for people with severe allergies. Its anti-static properties make Marmoleum easy to clean, as both dust and dirt don’t easily stick to it. If you are looking for a dust-free environment for your space, Marmoleum is the solution for you. 

#4: Durability and proven performance

Thanks to its long life, you won’t have to worry about a floor replacement for several years, even in busy environments such as hospitals or offices. 

In fact, Marmoleum flooring tends to increase its durability over its lifetime, thanks to its natural timber and rosin ingredients, which will continue to harden with age. 

#5: Social Accountability

Not only in terms of sustainability can you feel good about choosing Marmoleum flooring – it outperforms in social accountability too! The creation of Marmoleum flooring depends on humans to guide the process from harvesting the natural raw materials, to transporting and preparing them. 

From employees to suppliers, Forbo Marmoleum’s manufacturing sites are certified to the SA8000 standard – one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain. 

Forbo’s supplier requirement program involves close cooperation with individual suppliers, realised through meetings, on-site visits and supplier assessments. These procedures ultimately ensure fair human and labour rights and responsible business practices. 

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