A Guide to Protective Flooring & Trimmings

A Guide to Protective Flooring & Trimmings

Sep 28, 2020 | floor trims, News, safety flooring, stair nosing | 0 comments

The finishing touches to your new flooring project can often go unconsidered. Here at Contract Flooring we understand the importance of protective flooring features as well as the addition of floor trimmings when completing a flooring project. We always endeavour to ensure your flooring solutions include protective flooring features and trimmings where necessary to increase the safety of your building.

We’ve put together our guide to protective flooring, stair nosings, flooring tools and accessories which are an important consideration particularly in commercial flooring projects.

Entrance Matting

entrance matting - protective flooring

First impressions count that’s why an effective entrance matting solution is important for many reasons. Firstly, is the aesthetic appeal it provides, distinguishing your entrance from the rest of the building. Secondly, entrance mattings trap dirt and debris from people’s shoes which reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance required on the flooring of your building. However, one of the main reasons entrance matting solutions are so important is safety related. Studies have found 90% of slip accidents in public buildings occur on wet floors. The use of a high-quality, effective entrance matting systems helps to reduce the amount of dirt, debris and moisture brought into a public building on people’s shoes by up to 90%. Helping to significantly reduce the risk of slip accidents. 

Here at Contract Flooring we are the exclusive supplier of primary and secondary matting from GRADUS which can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes required and enhances the safety of a building’s entrance.

Safety Flooring

safety flooring for offices

Safety flooring is a suitable floor covering for locations where people work, learn, play or go about their daily business. We offer a wide range of safety vinyls which are highly durable and offer various levels of slip resistance to comply with the Health and Safety regulations for commercial buildings. Our safety flooring solutions are both practical and stylish available in a range of fresh colours and patterns with something to suit all tastes and all buildings.

Stair Nosings

stair nosings

Stair nosings are a hugely important health and safety element of any commercial building. Stair nosings help to reduce accidents on stairs as they provide slip resistance at the edge of the step through a visual contrast which highlights the edge of the step.

They also help to protect the edge of the step and the surrounding floor covering which helps to reduce maintenance costs and improves the aesthetic of the building in turn. 

We are delighted to be the exclusive distributor of GRADUS stair nosings and floor trims and our experts will help to ensure you choose the right product to meet your requirements in terms of fit, slip resistance and colour.

Social Distancing Mats

social distancing mats

The consideration of social distancing has become a new dilemma faced by businesses in recent months. We have recently launched our social distance cleaning mat which has a strong block print message on absorbent polyamide fibers. These mats will ensure safety in terms of both social distancing for your customers and employees as well as reducing the slip risk throughout your building from wet shoes.

Protective Flooring and Trimmings from Contract Flooring

If you would like to learn more about protective flooring, trimmings or other safety features then please get in touch today! Call us on 01 456 8422 or email us at enquiries@contractflooring.ie to discuss your needs.