Contract Flooring’s Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Contract Flooring’s Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Jun 25, 2020 | luxury vinyl floors, News, vinyl floors | 1 comment

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) are a highly durable flooring option. They mimic wood, stone, metal and tile exceptionally well and are practical in a whole host of environments when compared with other flooring types. LVTs are suitable for both commercial and domestic projects providing a strong, durable flooring option with low maintenance but stunning aesthetics. Thanks to their versatility, LVTs are a fast growing flooring option in the marketplace. 

Their range of lengths, thickness and designs allows you to create fantastic designs including the classic herringbone style as seen below in a recent domestic project supplied by Contract Flooring Supplies. Their flexibility to be laid in any desired formation allows you to be as creative as you wish. Our guide to LVTs aims to provide you with a strong knowledge to make a decision on your LVT purchase.

Herringbone style in a recent domestic project

What are LVTs made from?

The base of a vinyl tile is comprised of structural support including backing with a layer of fiberglass to prevent bending and which adds a cushioned feel underfoot. This support ensures durability. 

The visible design layer is made using advanced technology to incorporate your design of choice including wood, stone and metal designs. Grained mesh is then added to provide a realistic texture to the LVT which expertly mimics the intended flooring design.

The top layer provides a shield to the everyday wear and tear that flooring goes through. Finished with treatment to resist scratching and enable ease of care guaranteeing a long-life for your LVTs.

How are LVTs laid?

This will depend on the type of LVTs purchased, with LVTs coming in both click and glue down styles. Click LVTs click together and do not require any adhesive, while glue down LVTs require a layer of adhesive to be applied to the subfloor when fitting. A key consideration when having this product laid is the quality of the subfloor underneath. It should be level, clean, dry and free from any debris or oils.

Can LVTs work with Underfloor Heating?

Many of our clients ask us if LVTs are suitable for use where underfloor heating is installed. LVTs are compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees Celsius.

Where can LVTs be used?

In terms of commercial use, LVTs are suitable for a whole host of locations. We have successfully supplied LVTs for medical flooring, office flooring and hospitality flooring to name just a few. For domestic fittings, they are common in all rooms of the house mainly the bathroom and kitchen, thanks to their waterproof and durable nature.

Here at Contract Flooring Supplies we stock the full portfolio of LVTs from Karndean Flooring. These amazingly realistic LVTs come in a whole host of styles, thickness and installation options to suit all projects and budgets. Commercial Karndean LVTs are guaranteed to last for 10-15 years with an R10 or above slip rating.

Stunning Karndean LVTs in a commercial bathroom project

Gerflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles

We are also delighted to offer the French manufactured Gerflor luxury vinyl tiles in wood and stone effect. Gerflor is well known as a world-class provider of sustainable vinyl flooring, priding itself on expertise and its diverse collections. Gerflor LVTs are the perfect addition to any commercial or domestic flooring project seen below in both a stunning office and practical but impressive restaurant flooring.


Forbo Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Also offered, is the Forbo Flooring Systems collection of LVTs. Their Allura and Enduro collections are the perfect addition to any domestic flooring combining wood, stone and concrete effect with the ease of maintenance and durability that LVTs afford the buyer.

Forbo Flooring Systems domestic LVTs

Luxury Vinyl Tiles with Contract Flooring

If you’re interested in sourcing high quality, low maintenance, technical specification certified LVTs for your commercial or domestic flooring project then get in touch with us here at Contract Flooring Supplies today. Call us on 01 4568422 or email us on