Eco Friendly Carpet Tiles

Eco Friendly Carpet Tiles

May 5, 2020 | modulyss carpet tiles, News, sustainable flooring | 0 comments


In today’s day and age, sustainability is more imperative than ever. With a national climate emergency having been proclaimed earlier last year, we all need to make knowledgeable and eco-friendly purchasing decisions as well as the other measures that can be taken. When contemplating new flooring, for your home or your business, we encourage you to consider an eco-friendly choice. Read on to find out what defines eco friendly carpet and the benefits of eco friendly carpet tiles.


What Makes Carpet Eco-Friendly?

What sets carpet tiles aside as sustainable is the characterization of green manufacturing procedures, and the supplies used to construct said carpet tiles. Sustainable carpet is made from organic fibres that have undergone zero or as little as possible chemical manipulation. This refers to the carpet fibres being used coming from a natural source, and the use of non-toxic adhesive in the process of attachment and installation. All of these methods reduce environmental impact and are so deemed as eco-friendly.


Our Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

Our range of carpet tiles come solely from the modulyss brand. modulyss are an eco-aware brand and pride themselves on following sustainable practices in the creation of their product. They follow a strictly sustainable procedure, that is screened for environmental impact, in the production and provision of eco-friendly carpet tiles. We source only from modulyss because we care about the environment, and want to ensure we are doing our part to secure a safe world for future generations. In 2008, modulyss were the first carpet tile corporation to use recycled carpet fibres in the production of new flooring. In 2011, when Aquafil released their 100% reprocessed yarn collection- ECONYL, modulyss moved on to using this material in their carpet manufacturing.


Benefits of Sustainable Carpet


  • Environmental Benefits

There are many environmental benefits from investing in eco-friendly carpet tiles, like saving resources and reducing the hazard of harmful chemicals into the earth. The recycling of carpets lends to the factor of less waste, which leads to a cleaner environment

There are also numerous interpersonal consumer benefits.


  • Cleaner Air Quality In The Home

Conventional carpet and the processes associated with the manufacturing of them- include harmful petroleum-based chemicals. These chemicals release an odor that could often be unsafe to the inhaling inhabitants. It is even more important now, with the current Covid-19 health crisis, to avoid inhaling toxins and damaging your health which could potentially leave you vulnerable.


  • Carpet Durability

Another benefit of investing in sustainable carpet is their endurance and simplicity. They can take a lot of wear and are easy to clean. The beauty of carpet tiles is that in the case of a spillage or mess, you can simply take one up to clean rather than having to bring up the whole floor.


Our eco-friendly carpet tiles, at Contract Flooring, are 100% ecological and are obtainable in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. We source them solely from a green manufacturer and are here to help with all your carpet tile needs. If you are looking for a sustainable carpet company, please feel free to call us on 01 456 8422, or send us an email to