Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Benefits and Misconceptions

Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Benefits and Misconceptions

Mar 10, 2022 | luxury vinyl floors, News | 0 comments

Luxury vinyl flooring is a type of flooring that has been growing in popularity in recent years. This is due, in part, to the many benefits that luxury vinyl flooring offers. In this blog post, we will discuss what luxury vinyl flooring is, dispel some of the myths about luxury vinyl and discuss its many benefits.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 101

The term “vinyl flooring” is often connected to the old-school vinyl sheet flooring that was popular in the early 50’s. One of the most common misconceptions about luxury vinyl flooring is that it lacks textural depth and offers no authentic representation of its natural counterpart. You may have also heard that it wears off over time. Neither of these statements are true. 

LVT is a vinyl flooring that is made up of multiple layers. The “print layer” offers strikingly vibrant designs that can resemble wood, stone, ceramic and more. Combined with a texturised layer that matches the feel of the material, LVT flooring achieves a natural and realistic look. This makes it incredibly hard to distinguish it from natural flooring options like wood or stone.

The print layer is topped with a transparent wear layer to ensure maximum durability. This is then backed by some vinyl core layers to add quiet and comfort. 

Thanks to their functionality and versatility, luxury vinyl tiles are one of the fastest growing flooring categories in the marketplace. Here is why it is such a popular choice for both commercial and domestic projects!


Arguably the most important advantage of luxury vinyl floors is its affordability. Maybe you love the look of Herringbone floors or marble tiles but can’t afford the steep prices? 

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you the option to install beautiful and natural-looking floor designs for a fraction of the price. The flooring solution is often so close in resemblance to their natural counterparts that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Strong durability

Luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for either commercial or domestic projects as they offer all the aesthetics of wood, stone or metal, but with the advantage of strong durability. 

It is protected by a well-designed, scratch-resistant “wear layer”. This hardwearing layer protects the design integrity of the flooring to ensure long-lasting use. This makes it much more robust than wood or laminate flooring, which can easily become worn, expand, curl or shrink. 

Because of its extreme resilience and durability, many manufacturers even go as far as offering several year-long warranties for their luxury vinyl tiles. Karndean Design, for instance, gives their clients peace of mind with 10-20 year commercial warranties

Authentic Designs

Creating appealing, natural designs is the core mission of luxury vinyl. It  is based around the belief that vinyl flooring shouldn’t only be practical, but needs to be beautiful too. Brands such as Karndean set out to seek inspiration from natural materials around the world to create a flooring that imitates the appearance of wood, ceramic, marble or stone to near perfection.

Whether you prefer a natural herringbone look, stone tiles or marble – luxury vinyl flooring offers an endless range of designs and colours to suit every taste. Many suppliers offer even further customisation options by giving you the choice between different flooring formats, such as gluedown, loose lay or rigid core.

Gluedown: Gluedown planks and tiles are permanently secured to the subfloor. They are installed individually and thus offer the highest level of personalisation. 

Loose Lay: Loose lay flooring created a bonding to the subfloor using a combination of weight and friction. It is quick and easy to install and individually replaceable. If you are interested in changing out the flooring frequently, this is the ideal solution for you. 

Rigid Core: Ideal for installations where acoustics, uneven subfloors or preservation of existing hard floors need to be considered. Thanks to its re-attached backing there is no need for a separate underlayment, allowing for a quick and easy installation. 

Maintenance and safety

If you are looking for a low-maintenance flooring option, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice! Unlike carpeted flooring, luxury vinyl tiles don’t nurture dust, dirt and bacteria. A weekly sweep and a regular mop is all it takes to keep it clean. 

Additionally, LVT offers the advantage of being completely waterproof. This is especially beneficial, if you want the “natural wood look” in a space that is moisture-prone, like your bathroom. Its resistance to any kind of water spillage also makes it perfect for a young family or pets.

Karndean Design at Contract Flooring

Here at Contract flooring, we offer the full product range from Karndean Flooring. These fantastically realistic Luxury Vinyl Tiles come in a range of thicknesses, wear layer and installation options to suit different projects and different budgets. 

To learn more about Karndean Design flooring and the options that are available to you here at Contract Flooring, contact us today, or call us at +353 (0) 1 456 8422.