Modern Linoleum Flooring: A Stylish and Sustainable Option

Modern Linoleum Flooring: A Stylish and Sustainable Option

Oct 18, 2022 | linoleum, marmoleum, News | 0 comments

You may remember seeing linoleum floors in older homes or remember it being used in your parent’s or grandparents’ homes. Linoleum flooring has been a very popular choice throughout homes for decades, primarily because it’s durable, attractive, and sustainable – and not outdated. In recent years, linoleum flooring has had a resurgence, thanks to its modernisation and reliable characteristics. In this blog post, we take a closer look at modern linoleum flooring and why it’s a good choice for your home. 

Why choose modern linoleum flooring?

In recent years, linoleum has grown in popularity due to its increased exposure across social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, it has also reached a new generation of customers, both homeowners and businesses alike. Beyond the fact that linoleum has gained popularity across social media sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, it has also reached a new generation of consumers, both consumers and businesses. Modern linoleum is an environmentally friendly and stylish option for flooring in both domestic and commercial use because of its unique qualities.

Linoleum is an eco-friendly choice!

Linoleum is a robust (flexible) floor covering made of natural materials including cork, limestone, wood flour, pigments, and linseed oil, which is extracted from the flax plant’s seeds – making it a very sustainable choice of flooring. In recent years, we have seen many devoted to living more sustainably and making greener decisions. Linoleum  appeals to homeowners who want to adopt bio-based products due to its quickly renewable elements. Linoleum is also recyclable as well as hypoallergenic and antibacterial! 

It’s trendy and stylish!

Don’t confuse yourself with the old-fashioned and out-dated styles of linoleum, modern lino is now available in a wide variety of trendy designs that are perfect for any new and modern home or business. Here at Contract Flooring, we have a wide variety of linoleum flooring available – with over 150 colours to choose from it’s easy to design a unique space, suited to your preferences. You can get creative and express yourself in your own, unique way – from calm grey tones to vibrant and lively colours, your opportunities are endless. Kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, or any other area with heavy foot traffic, a higher risk of spills and dirt, or a space where you want to create a unique and attractive floor are all perfectly suited for linoleum use.

Linoleum is an affordable flooring option!

Linoleum has greatly evolved over the last couple of decades but what hasn’t changed is its affordability. When you compare the price of Linoleum with LVT and other Eco-friendly options, it certainly wins in the pocket friendly category. With modern linoleum flooring, installation is straightforward and it’s simple to accomplish almost any design you wish. With linoleum flooring the installation process is efficient and effortless. There are two methods, planks, tiles, or panels of linoleum can come in interlocking systems and be installed as a floating floor, or linoleum flooring can be purchased in sheet form and fastened with an adhesive. Linoleum has the same spot replacement advantage as LVT systems since it offers options for tiles and planks. If a section of the flooring is broken, this can be done without having to replace the entire floor, saving money, time and effort.

It’s a durable and resilient option for home or business!

Due to modern linoleum being so reasonably priced, it is commonly assumed that a quality compromise must be made. This is definitely not the case. If maintained properly, linoleum flooring is surprisingly long-lasting, and can last anywhere from 20-40 years with proper care and maintenance! Linoleum is a very durable flooring solution but similar to  vinyl or LVT, we still advise against dragging heavy furniture across it to prevent scratching and puncturing. linoleum is hard to dent and also water resistant – however large amounts of standing water may be problematic as would be expected.So if you are looking for a hard-working, easy to maintain flooring solution, linoleum might be the flooring solution for your home or business!

Here at Contract Flooring we provide the full range of linoleum flooring products from Forbo. Marmoleum, the Forbo linoleum brand, is special in that it is created entirely from raw materials obtained from their natural habitat right where they grow and renew, often in just 12 months. Available in a colourful patterned, solid, linear or marbled effect, linoleum is perfectly suited to a variety of uses from commercial through to domestic use. Visit our website to view our selection of Marmoleum flooring products or contact us today at for more information.