Modulyss First Collection

Modulyss First Collection

Jul 16, 2020 | modulyss carpet tiles, News | 0 comments

Here at Contract Flooring we were hugely excited to find out that trend-setting, commercial carpet tile brand Modulyss have launched a revamped and reengineered version of their ‘First Collection’ featuring 5 loop-pile carpet tile styles. These 5 styles can be used on their own or mixed and matched to create exciting floor layouts. We’re delighted to be able to offer these styles to our customers and in this blog post we discuss each style featured in the collection and how best it can be styled in your commercial space.

Modulyss First Forward

First Forward is the first style within the Modulyss First Collection with all subsequent styles mixing and matching perfectly with this staple style. First Forward offers 27 colours from classic neutrals to bold statement shades. Modulyss First Forward is the perfect style for a commercial interior as seen above where a calming nature-inspired green palette was implemented. This style is really the base style of this carpet tile collection with the 4 other styles flawlessly mixing and matching with it. It is a great stand-alone style if you’re looking for a more simple, themed palette carpet tile design but it can just as easily be implemented alongside the other styles to add more depth to your flooring.

Modulyss First Straightline

Another fantastic match for Modulyss First Forward is the 14 colour combination of First Streamline ranging from neural greys to rich oranges and reds. As well as perfectly matching with First Forward, First Streamline can be mixed and matched with various colours within its own style. This knit effect carpet tile design adds a linear flow to any space. The above office commercial space has implemented a neutral grey First Forward design alongside a rich red First Forward outer carpet tiling, drawing attention to the centre of the room.

Modulyss First Decode

Modulyss First Decode is the perfect style for any commercial space. Offering a barcode effect with a mixture of thin and thick lines this style perfectly matches with the base First Forward style. First Decode works well as a feature centre carpet tile while a contrasting Modulyss Fast Forward style can be used on the outer edges of the floor. This style is available in a range of 11 colours from neutral beiges to yellow and even green. The colour of the barcode effect can be matched with accent furniture in the room to pull the interiors of the space together.

Modulyss First Define

Modulyss First Define features a textured carpet tile look which mimics that of concrete. Available in 11 colours from grey to vibrant orange this style paired with linear carpet tile patterns of First Streamline or a solid block colour from the First Forward style brings elegance into any commercial space. Seen above it is paired with 2 contrasting Modulyss First Forward red tones which provides a stunning, eye-catching contrast.

First Collection by Modulyss with Contract Flooring

Here at Contract Flooring we’re delighted to be offering the Revamped First Collection from Modulyss. Give us a call on 01 456 8422 to discuss your needs. We’ll ensure you get the most out of your commercial space with the fantastic mix and match of styles featured in the Modulyss First Collection.