Finding the Perfect Wall Protection System for your Business

Finding the Perfect Wall Protection System for your Business

Jan 18, 2022 | News, wall protection | 0 comments

Whether you’re in the business of education, healthcare or everything in between, the addition of wall protection to the design of your building can help to add longevity to the space and reduce the maintenance required through the years. Read on to find the perfect wall protection system for your business.

What are wall protection systems?

Wall protection products are designed to protect interior building surfaces from damage caused by the flow of traffic in a building. 

Wall cladding systems

Wall cladding provides a durable layer designed to protect large surfaces from general wear and tear caused by pedestrians and movable objects. Choose from a range of materials, colour options and finishes to coordinate with your building’s interior. Wall cladding gives durability to your walls, creates an impermeable barrier to moisture and bacteria and enhances the appearance of your building.

Wall guards & strips

Wall guards and strips are designed to offer impact protection against damage caused from pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Highly suited to medical settings such as hospitals, wall guards will help to reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall aesthetics of the building. Rubber wall guards can also be implemented in car parks to minimise the impact and abrasion to the walls and damage to vehicles.

Handrails and combination rails

Handrails and combination rails are designed to offer guidance and support to pedestrians as well as a level of surface protection. Suitable for use in a wide range of environments including education, healthcare and transport, their style will depend on the types and levels of pedestrian traffic. They can also be combined with other protection options to create a complete protection solution.

Bed head protectors

Bed head protectors are designed to prevent damage to walls and medical equipment mounted on walls from beds or chairs that are frequently moved around and repositioned. As their function would suggest, bed head protectors are designed for use in hospital and other health care settings. 

Corner protection

Corners are often the most vulnerable part of a building when left exposed and can be easily damaged from everyday traffic. Corner guards reduce maintenance costs, maintain interior appearances and protect pedestrians going through your building. Available in a range of materials from PVC, rubber and reflective there will be a solution to suit all building types.

Door protection

Doors are vulnerable to damage due to the constant flow of traffic through them. There are a variety of door protection solutions available to help prevent damage, conceal existing damage and to highlight the door to assist the visually impaired and to meet The Building Regulations 2010 guidelines

Floor mounted protection

Floor mounted protection solutions include floor rails, bollards and posts. Floor mounted systems are specifically designed for keeping wheeled traffic away from walls and to create a sophisticated finish.

The benefits of wall protection systems

The use of wall protection systems will help to reduce the level of everyday wear and tear on a building’s interior which reduces the need for ongoing repair and maintenance, reduces life cycle costs, helps with accessibility and contributes to the long term appearance of the building’s interiors.

Wall protection systems from Contract Flooring
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