Personal Protective Equipment for Your Business

Personal Protective Equipment for Your Business

May 13, 2020 | flooring tools and accessories, News | 0 comments

After months of quarantine in Ireland, we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Government has set out a plan for reopening the country, which contains a summary for when each type of business can reopen. There is still work to be done, including at least another month of staying at home where possible, but the Irish community and its businesses should certainly begin preparation for re-entering society as well as getting back to their busy working environment. Whether it’s the office, the hospitality sector, the service industry or even just getting back on the bus and walking around in public, there are ways you can stay safe and healthy that require personal protective equipment(PPE). 

We’re about to begin a gradual return to normalcy or some form of it, and it’s vital to keep up the good work and avoid any back-pedalling concerning the spread of the virus. There are the obvious measures that each business needs to take. These could be enforcing hand hygiene and social distancing measures within your life and workplace, but if you are indeed a business owner, we also highly suggest investing in some PPE for your staff.

What Is PPE?

PPE refers to “personal protective equipment”. Often it can refer to any type of protective gear, for construction workers, builders etc., but we are laying out the COVID-specific PPE we have available for purchase here at Contract Flooring. The following are invaluable investments that will help keep you and your workers safe.

Protective Face Masks

We have a stock of disposable, high quality, protective face masks available for order now. Get in touch with us to order and do everything you can to keep your staff and customers safe.

  • Boxes of 50 protective masks
  • Our masks have a high filtration efficiency
  • 3 hypoallergenic layers
  • Easy to breathe in.
  • Fiberglass & latex free
  • Delivery available nationwide.

Plexiglass Protective Sructures

These are essential for those working in retail, small offices, and any customer-facing environment. Order for your place of work today and help make your business’s employees feel safe and protected against Covid-19.

  • Portable hygienic protection against COVID-19 spread 
  • Perfect for customer-facing work environments
  • Delivery available nationwide. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Length 80cm, height 60cm
  • 2 stabilizing feet

If you’d like to find out more about the PPE that we have available, click here.

It’s crucial to remember what has been going on in the World in the last few months, and note that we are just beginning to escape its grasp. While business, socialisation, and civilisation must resume, precautions must be taken to avoid a complete revert to square one which would be detrimental to morale, business, and the country’s economy. Health experts and the Government are advising people to prepare themselves and their businesses for life after lockdown and to put in place the necessary health and safety precautions which include the investment of PPE.
If you’re interested in either of these essential personal protection products, get in touch here.