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For an environmentally friendly flooring option for a residential or commercial project, cork is one of the most sustainable floor finishes available.  Manufactured in Portugal, our cork flooring is the result of  a circular economy that turns waste and used cork stoppers into a beautiful, sustainable product. Harvested the cork oak tree by skilled workers, no trees are cut or damaged during the harvest and the forest retains CO2 from the atmosphere. The bark is left to regenerate over a nine year period and the these indigenous trees continue to help maintain the forest’s delicate ecosystem.

The floors feel incredibly soft to walk on, they are quiet, warm and impact resistant.  They offer excellent indoor air quality and new variants are now waterproof, PVC free and require no additional finishing on site. Using a unique multi-layered structure which combines state of the art technology with the cork’s natural properties, these new cork floors offer the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.

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Impact Resistance

Corks elasticity and compressibility allows it to adapt to pressure. When compressed it doesn’t lose flexibility, recovering it’s initial shape and volume without suffering any damage. It bounces back from hard impacts giving you a very robust floor.


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Walking Comfort

Cork floors are very comfortable to walk on due to their natural flexibility. A test into walking comfort showed that after 45 minutes walking on five different materials, cork floors have a higher comfort perception than wood, laminate and ceramic floors.


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Body wellness

Walking on very hard floors creates energy that moves upwards towards our muscles and tendons causing them to vibrate. This is caused by the impact of our heel with the floor. These vibrations, over time hurt our feet, legs and lower back.  Floors that are too soft cause fatigue and aren’t easy to walk on.




Cork is a natural acoustic insulator. Studies show that cork floors reduce walking sound by 53%.



Natural Thermal Insulation

Cork retains heat meaning cork flooring provides optimal temperatures year round. Find out more about our exclusive supply of Amorim Cork Flooring 

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