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Entrance Matting

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Entrance Matting

First impressions count! The entrance into your property is no exception and an effective entrance matting system is important for many reasons. View below our Gradus entrance matting products.


Increase public safety: Studies have shown that 90% of slip accidents in public buildings occur on wet floors.  An effective entrance matting system can reduce the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building by up to 90%, helping to reduce slip accidents.



Entrance Matting image
Entrance Matting image

Remove Dirt & Moisture

More than 70% of dirt and moisture in a building is tracked by pedestrian and wheeled traffic.  An effective matting system removes and retains dirt and moisture, improving the appearance of internal floor coverings and preventing unnecessary replacements.

Entrance Matting image

Reduce Maintenance

Ongoing cleaning and maintenance amount to the largest costs in the lifecycle of any floorcovering. As an effective entrance mat reduces the amount of dirt that is tracked into a building, maintenance costs are reduced and the life of the building’s floorcoverings is increased.

Entrance Matting image


Contract Flooring Supplies is the exclusive supplier of primary and secondary matting from GRADUS which as well as enhancing the safety of a building’s entrance can also be manufactured in shapes and sizes that complement the building’s entrance floor plans

Entrance Matting image

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To order samples or for more product information about GRADUS entrance matting systems just call us on 01 4568422 or fill out our query form, and our team will happily get back to you.

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