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Stair Nosings & Floor Trims

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Stair Nosings & Floor Trims

Stair nosings are an important health and safety element of any commercial building. They help to reduce accidents on stairs by providing slip resistance at the edge of the step and by providing a visual contrast to highlight the edge of the step.

Contract Flooring Supplies is the exclusive distributor of GRADUS stair nosings and floor trims and our experts can help you to ensure you have the right product to meet your project’s requirements.


Stair Nosings & Floor Trims

Protect The Step Edge

They also help to protect the step edge and surrounding floor covering which in turn reduces maintenance costs and improves the overall aesthetic of the building.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Contract Flooring Supplies are the exclusive distributor of GRADUS Stair Nosings in Ireland. GRADUS offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and put safety at the forefront of their designs.



There are many considerations to take into account when specifying the correct stair nosing for a project.  You need to consider:

  • Choosing the right nosing and fixing for the step
  • The correct slip resistance for the conditions
  • Choosing a colour that visually contrasts
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The Gradus Experience

With years of experience and continual training from GRADUS, the team at Contract Flooring Supplies will keep you abreast of new product development, assist you with nosing measurements and provide samples as necessary.  Just fill out our query form or call the team at 01 4568422.

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We are always happy to meet with you to take you through our range of flooring supplies to suit your project. Just call us on 01 4568422 or email