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Tools & Accessories

Contract Flooring Supplies stocks a wide range of flooring tools and accessories as well as adhesives and screeds for your flooring solutions.

We work with Romus Tools to give you a full range of tools for all your flooring projects.  Blades, measures, welding kits, personal protection, trimmers and everything in between! To find out more, just call the team on 01 4568422 or email enquiries@contractflooring.ie

We are now stocking Romus safety equipment due to Covid-19, including masks and hygiaphone.


Tools & Accessories
flooring safety masks

Romus Masks

For avoiding spreading and projections of thewearer, projection of secretions of saliva which may contain transmissible infectious agents:

  • Surgical Masks with single use (duration: 4 hours)
  • Great ease of breathing
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Unique Size
  • Hypoallergenic 3 layers, latex free, fiberglass free.
  • Flat format 175x95mm
  • Packed in boxes of 50

Download full PDF.

safety plexi glass

Romus Hygiaphone

Portable hygienic protection vs COVID-19 spread risk. This plexiglass device is ideal for protecting staff (trade counters, cash and carry). This device is easy to clean daily with a simple antibacterial product.

  • Hygiaphone for trade counter
  • Polycarbonate thickness 3mm
  • Length 80cm, height 60cm
  • 2 stabilizing feet
  • Cutout to pass documents 30cm x 10cm
  • Delivered individually packed

Download full PDF.

Social Distancing Mats

Social Distancing Cleaning Mat with strong flock print on absorbant polyamide fibers. Download the full PDF here.

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We are always happy to meet with you to take you through our range of flooring supplies to suit your project. Just call us on 01 4568422 or email enquiries@contractflooring.ie