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Wall Protection

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Wall Protection

Wall protection products are designed to protect interior building surfaces from damage caused by the general flow of traffic in a building.

Just as buildings within particular market sectors will require specific types of protection, so too will different zones within a building. A school corridor will have a very different requirement to hospital accommodation or a commercial kitchen.

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GRADUS Wall Protection

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Wall Protection Systems

All GRADUS wall protection system products are available in a range of colours designed to work with the interior aesthetics of your project. All colours within the range have been measured for Light Reflective Values and all products carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Reduce Wear And Tear

In all cases, using wall protection will help to reduce the level of every day wear and tear on a building’s interior which in turn reduces the need for on-going repair and maintenance, reduces life cycle costs, helps with accessibility and contributes to the long term appearance of the building’s interiors.

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