Sustainable carpet tiles: Why choose Modulyss Heritage?

Sustainable carpet tiles: Why choose Modulyss Heritage?

Nov 1, 2021 | modulyss carpet tiles, News, sustainable flooring | 0 comments

Are you looking for timeless, elegant and sustainable carpet tiles for your flooring project? Then we have great news for you! Our carpet tile supplier Modulyss has just launched its new Heritage collection, bringing together five unique carpet tile designs shaped by Belgian’s diverse and beautiful landscapes. 

So why should you consider the new Modulyss collection for your project and which design is best suited to your needs? Read on for 5 good reasons!

1. Carpet tiles bring nature into your space 

Whether your project is in the workspace, hospitality, or retail sector – the Modulyss Heritage collection creates a calm and elegant environment. 

Modulyss carpet tiles are designed and manufactured in Belgium, with the beautiful Belgian landscape serving as the inspiration for their new Heritage collection. From the ever-changing coastline in the west to the iconic cobblestone roads and the fertile polders, the Modulyss Heritage range amazes with its unique colours that bring nature straight into your office or hotel lobby!

2. No limit to imagination!

Modulyss carpet tiles are designed to mix and match in a variety of sizes and different vibrant colours allowing you to create a specific look for your space whilst leaving room for imagination. The limitless combinations of designs available in the new Heritage collection are all inspired by five original product ranges:


One of the trademarks of Belgium is cycling and cobblestone roads. Their typical granite structure, shifting colours and irregular shapes served as the inspiration for the speckled carpet tile design of Cobbles. 


Belgium is defined by its 65 km long coastline in the northwest. The sandy beaches and grassy dunes characterise the new design Dune. 


The meadow design was inspired by the characteristic open fields and grasslands of Belgium, translating the rhythm of the grass swaying in the wind into an organic carpet tile designed to impress. 


The Haze design is the result of the mysterious yet graceful fog – a shape in constant change – that plays around one of Belgium’s most iconic rivers in the early morning hours. 


Being a typical part of the Belgian landscape, polders are the most fertile regions in the country and thus perfect for farming. The repetitive linear patterns of these crop fields defined the Polder carpet tile design. 

3. Sustainability? Carpet tiles! 

Carpet tiles are not only easy to maintain, but they also produce around 30% less waste than a broadloom carpet. The new Heritage collection practices sustainability to a tee. Modulyss gives you every option to take responsibility and limit the environmental footprint of your project. The collection is made from 100% regenerated yarn, with a recyclable ecoBack backing and – thanks to CO2RE – it is also completely carbon neutral! With their CO2RE project, Modulyss allows you to create a fully CO2 neutral project by supporting climate projects. Find out more about how it works here.

4. Easy to install and maintain

Arguably one of the most attractive benefits of Modulyss carpet tiles is how convenient they are. The tiles are loose-laid with no need for a permanent adhesive. This means they are quick to install and don’t cause any damage to the subfloor. Installation can go ahead with only minimal disruption to your work or living space – no need to shut down your office or hotel for months on end to do up the floors. Thanks to their modular design, Modulyss carpet tiles can also easily be replaced at any time if there is a problem in a certain area. 

5. Cost-effectiveness is key

As a logical result from the above-mentioned point, carpet tiles are not only easy to install – they also come with comparatively low costs. They require little storage space, are easy to transport and require less installation time, which inevitably results in lower costs. 

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