Sustainable Cork Flooring

Sustainable Cork Flooring

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Warm, Quiet and Sustainable  – The beauty of cork flooring

We are crazy about cork flooring at Contract Flooring Supplies. Working with Wicanders, the world’s leading cork flooring brand, we want to show you just what a wonder product this is. Whether you’re looking for something different for your home or you’re a designer looking for a sustainable flooring finish for an office, hospitality or public building project, Wicanders cork flooring is definitely worth a further look.

A sustainable option

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is harvested by hand when the tree is 25 years old and then every 9 years leaving the tree undamaged and able to grow new bark. The harvested cork is a renewable resource which is turned into high value product while protecting and promoting the economic and social sustainability of rural areas around the Mediterranean region.  Portugal, home to Wicanders, grows some 736,775 hectares of Cork Oak Forest. Wicanders products also actively contribute to reduce global warming, both through low emissions and due to cork’s natural CO² retention properties.


Corktech technology, developed by Wicanders, combines state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork to create the perfect marriage of beauty, comfort and durability.  Wicanders products offer numerous unique benefits which contribute to the wellbeing of a building:

Silence – the cork is an extremely efficient sound absorber owing to its natural make up.  Wicanders floors can cut noise within a room and act as a noise buffer between floors.

Natural Thermal Insulation – The natural thermal insulation properties of cork make wicanders floors very energy efficient and provide an optimal floor temperature all year round.

Walking Comfort – softer than laminate and harder than carpets, Wicanders cork floors help to reduce heel strike impacts and related body tensions but are stable enough to provide stability and reduce body fatique.

Impact Resistance – Wicanders cork floors are extremely robust. The elasticity and compressibility of cork allow it to adapt to pressure and recover its initial shape and volume without suffering damage.

Great Design Options

Wicanders Cork floors are available in numerous fantastic finishes – from more traditional cork looks to cement, stone and wooden finishes.  Used in over 70 countries around the world both in private homes and public buildings including libraries, churches and office spaces, hotels and restaurants. Hydrocork by Wicanders delivers a waterproof cork solution while Cork Resist+ allows a designer to specify the natural look of cork while meeting commercial technical specification requirements.

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