The Benefits of Entrance Matting for your Building

The Benefits of Entrance Matting for your Building

Sep 29, 2021 | entrance matting, News, safety flooring | 0 comments

First impressions matter, that’s why it’s important to consider entrance matting for your building. An effective entrance matting system is vital for a number of reasons. In this blog we focus on the benefits that entrance matting can offer your business, building or other commercial setting.


One of the most obvious and most important benefits of entrance matting is safety. 90% of slip accidents within public buildings occur on wet floors. The implementation of an entrance matting system reduces the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building by up to 90% reducing slip accidents and keeping your customers, clients and members of the public safe.


As entrance matting solutions reduce the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into your building by up to 90% it makes sense that they therefore contribute to a cleaner building. More than 70% of dirt and moisture in a building is tracked in by pedestrian and wheeled traffic. An effective entrance matting system removes and retains dirt and moisture improving the appearance of your floor coverings, reducing the need to clean consistently throughout the day and preventing unnecessary replacements. 

Reduced maintenance

Ongoing cleaning and maintenance of a building’s floor is one of the largest costs incurred in the lifecycle of any floorcovering. An effective entrance matting solution reduces the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into your building reducing your maintenance costs and increasing the lifetime of your floorcoverings. 

Set the tone

As well as being a practical and safety focused feature, entrance matting can also be used to set the tone within your building. The addition of a logo or colour scheme to your entrance mat can portray your company’s personality as well as welcome guests into your building. Entrance mats are also a great solution to provide a great first impression with visitors to your building being greeted with a clean, professional tone especially if your mats are branded and bespoke to your business.

Save money

Investing in your own matting system can result in huge savings when compared to renting mats. Renting may seem like a good option to begin with but over time, the cost of renting far exceeds the price of durable entrance matting solutions from reputable manufacturers.


Here at Contract Flooring we are the exclusive supplier of primary and secondary matting from GRADUS. By implementing GRADUS matting in your building you will be enhancing the safety and cleanliness of your building as well as being offered a wide choice of shapes and sizes to compliment your building’s entrance.

Learn more about entrance matting here. To order samples or for more product information about GRADUS entrance matting systems just call us on 01 4568422 or fill out our query form, and our team will happily get back to you.

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