Top 5 Advantages of Using Carpet Tiles

Top 5 Advantages of Using Carpet Tiles

Dec 15, 2020 | modulyss carpet tiles, News | 0 comments

Carpet tiles are an extremely popular flooring option. Although mainly used for commercial projects, carpet tiles are now becoming increasingly fashionable for residential use too. Carpet tiles are practical, versatile and fun, and have been a great option for flooring projects in Ireland for a long time. Here are our top five reasons for choosing carpet tiles for your next flooring project.

1. Versatile

Carpet tiles can be used for a wide range of flooring purposes. The material comes in an array of colours and patterns, and because the carpet is divided up into square tiles, different patterns can be achieved in order to create a specific look for your space. For example, colourful tiles may be used to brighten up a children’s play area, or the floor space can be divided up into different coloured sections if required. Since carpet tiles are easily cut to size, they can suit both large and small rooms, and can also be taken up and rearranged quite easily. Although mainly used for commercial purposes, the tiles have recently been gaining popularity within the area of residential flooring, with carpet tiles now being used for playrooms, basements and even for stylish rug areas.

2. Durable

Carpet tiles have the ability to withstand years of heavy foot traffic in busy spaces and are renowned for their durability. This is because most carpet tiles are low piled, looped and very tight, which contributes to their impressive lifespan. The carpet tiles also trap less dirt and allergens, which increases the air quality of the room and makes them favourable with people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

3. Easy to install

Carpet tiles are easy to install – so much so that they can even be used as a DIY project for residential purposes. Because the tiles are available to purchase in small quantities and are generally cut into 50cm x 50cm squares, they are easy to store, transport and handle. The installation of carpet tiles is a quick and easy process that takes a minimal amount of time and causes minimal disruption to the workspace, which makes them such an attractive floor covering option for busy offices.

4. Sustainable

Unlike many other floor coverings, carpet tiles are extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. The tiles can be removed and reused easily as they are loose-laid with no need for a permanent adhesive, which also means they don’t cause any damage to the subfloor. Our carpet tiles here at Contract Flooring come from the modulyss brand – an environmentally conscious company who pride themselves in following sustainable practices when it comes to the creation of carpet tiles. In 2008, modulyss were the first carpet tile manufacturer to use recycled carpet fibres when producing floor covering. There is generally 30% less waste involved in fitting modulyss tiles in comparison to broadloom carpet, which makes them the optimal choice for any eco-conscious consumer. Learn more about the modulyss brand of carpet tiles from Contract Flooring.

5. Cost-effective

Carpet flooring is a highly cost-effective flooring option as it is low on waste, requires minimal storage space and is easy to transport. Arguably the most cost-effective aspect for carpet tiles is their installation cost, which is significantly lower than the installation cost for wall-to-wall carpet. For a business looking to install carpet into an office space, the speed of the installation time will reduce disruption to the workspace and minimise any disturbance caused. This could play a vital role in determining the flooring option for a project.

Carpet Tiles in Ireland with Contract Flooring

Contract Flooring has a wide range of quality carpet tiles for sale, all of which are sustainable, high quality and are offered at a competitive price. All our carpet tiles are suitable for commercial specification whether your project is in the workspace, hospitality, education, retail or leisure sector. Get in touch with our team of flooring experts today to enquire about carpet tiles for your space.